Pan Pi Cam

Just another nodal point adapter / pan and tilt pi cam.

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Arduino, Raspberry Pi, NoIR camera module and 2 servos combined to a nodal point pan and tilt photsphere cam. Arduino and Raspberry Pi Python scripts are finished and it's working. After capturing the pictures I stitch them in Hugin to an equirectangular panorama and upload it to Google's to add the metadata to watch it later with the Google viewer.
Currently I am waiting for some parts from China, especially a longer flat cable for the cam. The pan servo has to be replaced by a 360 degrees servo. And I need some cheap cut / pass filters: IR cut, IR pass and UV pass filters, to be exactly. Since some filters are really expensive I am going to try to obtain woods glass.

- Project discontinued -

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crener wrote 09/12/2021 at 21:49 point

I really like this, shame there were never any updates published here. Would have been cool to see how this turned out with some tips on what would have been done differently next time and why. :)

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