The 16 available buttons are divided into 0-9 digits, decimal point, left, right, up and down navigation buttons and one "Setup" button used to enter setup mode in the controlled device. The main use for it are DIY test gear, bench tool projects, where such a keypad will offer a quick and convenient way to input numerical values, navigate through menus etc. However, thanks to the capsense technology there is nothing against putting a custom sticker on the PCB with your own key symbols.

The CY8CMBR3116 chip is configured using the EZ-Click software to scan 16 buttons, avoid triggering adjacent ones and generate an active low interrupt pulse whenever any of the buttons is pressed or released. If necessary, the configuration can be modified using EZ-Click.

Keypad works with supplies in range from 1.7 to 5.5V and supports high speed 400kHz I2C clock.

PCB format: 50x50mm, material thickness: 1mm

An example project written for PSoC4 Pioneer board show the operation of the keypad by sending characters and commands to a typical VT100 serial terminal (i.e.PuTTY):