Portable Power Supply

Battery Powered, Ultra Portable, Variable Power Supply with Bluetooth Connectivity

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The Smart Lab Power Supply is a battery powered supply that can interact with a phone, tablet or a computer via Bluetooth or USB. The supply contains low power components such as a BLE chip CC2640R2F, an E-Paper display, efficient LDOs and switching converters to minimize quiescent consumption and maximize operational time. The power supply is meant to be used in areas where power is limited or inaccessible. In addition, there will be a solar panel to charge the batteries when used in remote areas.

The power comes from a rechargeable Lithium Ion pack. The battery voltage is boosted by a boost converter. The output of the boost converter is then connected to a regulated buck converter and an adjustable LDO to provide a variable voltage and current output. The output voltage and current are regulated via the CC2640 chip.

The power supply voltage and current can be set through the knobs on the front panel or through Bluetooth or USB.


The reason behind the design of the portable power supply is simple: To provide access to a highly portable, variable power supply to engineers, students and hobbyists building and programming electronics in spaces where a typical power supply is difficult or impossible to use (remote areas, small labs, on-the-go programming, etc).  With the addition of a highly accurate current measurement module and Bluetooth connectivity, users can monitor the power consumption of their devices while programming, debugging or during deployment in the field.


  • 0 - 12V regulated output voltage
  • 0 - 2A current output with current limiting function
  • E-Paper Display
  • Current measurements down to micro Amps, maybe nano Amps
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Sub 1-GHz connectivity (optional)
  • Fixed 5V USB output connection
  • Micro USB connector for serial output
  • Lithium Ion battery pack
  • Power supply connector (used for charging)

Hardware Design

Figure 1 - Simplified Circuit Diagram


The firmware for this project will be uploaded and updated through GitHub


  • Bench power supply
  • Power small electronics during prototype stages
  • Evaluate and monitor device consumption while programming firmware
  • Portable power supply for in-field testing and debugging
  • Power supply for outdoor designs
  • Remote monitoring of devices


Figure 2 - Schematic v0.1


First schematic files for the Portable Power Supply.

Adobe Portable Document Format - 705.04 kB - 04/12/2018 at 04:26


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