Visible Light Communication for the masses

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This project will focus on making current research in field of Visible Light Communication (VLC and LiFi) usable and meaningful for use...


Jovan wrote 07/12/2016 at 01:02 point

As you can see from presented instructions used parts can give us optical pulse up to 80MHz. What last picture is showing is how LED diode (average of 4 different) lose signal level with rise of frequency. This is also very good and known fact that every LED have specific Power and Bandwidth product so that increasing of working frequency decrease maximal emitted light power .

For example LED at 2MHz (50% duty) can do full swing from 0 to 100% nominal optical power,  but with rise of frequency for example to 20MHz it can swing from 0 to 30% and back, at the end it can transfer even 100MHz but swing will be very low in mV range.

Any way by multiplying number of the same LED's (cluster) and with help of optical lens focusing (amplifying)  can improve that lose.

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