I'm using Visual Studio Community 2013 ,but community 2015 works as well, and SDK 1.5.3 along with MinGW.

Current Features:

Full FAT32 functionality using an SD card which is driven by the HSPI port on the ESP8266. The HSPI port running at 20Mhz runs efficiently enough to keep within the constraints of the watchdog timer.

You can upload and download up to 3 files to the server simultaneously.

Developed in Visual Studio.

Any web pages that you upload can be presented to a browser.

The power supply is controlled by a TI LM3670 Miniature Step-Down DC-DC Converter. This part should extend battery life.. This was not the best choice for this part but better parts cost twice what the ESP8266 cost so at 80 Cents this part will work just fine.

Currently there is a Upload web page as well as a listdir page for access to the files on the SD card.. The 8GB SD card is 32bit FAT format.

Currently three simultaneous TCP connections are supported and they can either upload or download files. I have tested the current configurations with Five sensor stations each sending packet for logging once a second without problems.

I'm getting time from .gov. but I'm experiencing failures once in a while need to work on this in the future.. Once time is set from the .gov site I have a one second tick that has proved to be very accurate and after several days it's within a couple of seconds..

File Directory Page You can delete files here plus by clicking on file name download to the browser.