• First steps in the Design

    KD9KCK07/17/2016 at 18:06 0 comments

    I have finalized most of the design. Firstly the Evaporator and Condenser will be made from 1 foot lengths of clear pvc both being 4 inches in diameter. Currently I have figured that the PVC will cost about $116 dollars. I maybe able to find a better price before I buy it.

    As for the compressor it will be a custom built tesla pump (basically a tesla turbine in reverse.) I am figuring I will make the compressor before the rest because if the compressor does not work I need to redesign this project abit. The compressor will be made from a 3 inch diameter aluminum bar. I may decide to make it a dual stage compressor but I am not sure yet. The motor that drives the compressor will be an induction motor so that the rotor is contained with out worrying about shaft seals to the out side world.