• The Story so far...

    Rainingheavy07/28/2016 at 20:20 0 comments

    Some pictures and a few words showing where I am at the minute.

    The Beautiful Bakelite case, with rear printed glass display.

    The radio's chassis. I removed the radio's circuit board, but I've left the valves, mechanical switches and antennae.

    The new DAB radio is mounted on a lasercut poly-carbonate bracket which hangs on the bottom of the switches. this is so the screen and buttons are accessible from the bottom.

    The 5 switches are wired to the most useful buttons, after the latching feature was removed.

    The original tuning knob is attached to the rotary encoder with a turned bit of hex, the encoder is soldered to some stripboard, which serves as a bracket to keep it in place.

    The DAB's power and AUX in is VHB taped to the chassis. There is a USB powered bluetooth dongle wired to the AUX in. The radio runs on 5v, so a 3A Meanwell PSU runs it all. It is screwed to the side of the chassis in an area of free space.

    One of two 5" speakers removed from an '02 Toyota Yaris. These replace the oddball speakers that came in the radio.

    The external speaker - branded Rees Mace. Cleaned up, and driver replaced with Yaris speaker. Rewired. Ready to work as the other half of the STEREO.