Hardware Specifications


  1. Integrated Temperature Sensor for measuring ambient temperature.
  2. Integrated Light sensor that can measure relative light intensity.
  3. Integrated Potentiometer to allow and simplify setting levels of intensity and thresholds.
  4. Touch Pad and Input Switch to enable user inputs.
  5. 38Khz Infrared Receiver which allows wireless remotes to control physical devices like robots.


  1. WS2812B Smart RGB LED for Colored Light Mixing.
  2. I2C OLED Display for Visual Data Representation *
  3. Multi tone Piezo buzzer for audio experiments.
  4. Arduino Digital I/O’s connected to LED’s, enabling very quick debugging and error corrections.


  1. ESP8226-01 Module to allow seamless Internet and Cloud Connectivity *
  2. Connections and hardware that allows Arduino to be programmed over WiFi.
  3. NRF24L01+ Module which allows for Mesh Networking and Collaborative Decision Making. *
  4. Bluetooth and BLE Modules for connectivity to smartphones *

Extensibility/Advanced features

  1. Expansion ports for Digital and Analog pins of Arduino.
  2. Micro SD Card Socket for data accumulation and storage.*
  3. Additional Voltage Regulator and onboard power conditioning hardware for 3.3 V devices.
  4. Selection Hardware (Jumpers) for enable/disable features (User Selectable).
  5. Compatible with Major Arduino Boards( new devices being added every week).
* Modules and SD Card to be purchased separately