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    How to use Knit_Generator
    1. Open Knit_Generator.exe.
    2. Press Space to load an image (.png, .jpg, .bmp should work).
    3. Position the part of the image you want converted inside the circle using the arrow keys to move it and 1 & 2 to scale it.
    4. Set the number of hooks, radius of the circle (bigger = more accurate but slower calculation), number of lines and contrast (contrast is inverse, higher number will create a flatter image).
    5. Press Enter to start the calculation (takes a couple of seconds to initalize).
    6. Pressing D during the calculation switches the drawing of the lines on and off. Can be used as a preview, but will slow down the calculations extremely if left on.
    7. When finished, press S to export the generated image as an .ini file containing the instructions for assembly.
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    How to use Knit_Instructor
    1. Open Knit_Instructor.exe.
    2. Press O to open a previously generted ini file.
    3. A single line will be displayed at a time, with the instructions from and to which hook to connect the string.
    4. Cycle through the steps with Enter and Backspace.
    5. Use J if you want to jump to a specific step.
    6. Use T to toggle the Image on and off.