Remote Controlled Missile Platform

I want to build a vehicle with missiles, from the stuff on my desk, and any random e-waste I have collected.

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My idea started as a RC car built from e-waste in my IT shop. Then I found a Dream Cheeky missile launcher with Webcam, and thought, "Let's add that", and now I want to go even further with some computer vision and maybe even use a kinect for automated functionality

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Adam Fabio wrote 06/07/2014 at 03:21 point
Those Dream Cheeky missile launchers are tons of fun aren't they? If you add some information about how you're controlling the launcher, it will help with the "connectedness" portion of The Hackaday Prize.

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Mike Szczys wrote 06/05/2014 at 15:35 point
Much to do to be a contender for TheHackadayPrize. Start by upload an image... this can be a quick sketch of what you're planning to start. You should also flesh out a few steps that you plan to follow to get started with the build. Good luck!

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