Universal 3D printed splice boxes

New splice boxes for the "3D printed universal cable fix" design

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   In the month of February, I participated at the Repairs you can print competition with the 3D printed universal cable fix project. The project was highly appreciated and it finally won the competition being among the best 20 projects on the 100$ Tindie credit wining list. 

   As a followup of this project I thought it is a good idea to come up with more splice boxes like this in various shapes and sizes. Stay tuned for updates. 

It all started with the previous project when needed to fix a Jenal microphone chord using some very good solution that will not require changing the entire chord. This meant that the fix needed to be water tight, to be mechanically strong, to be something else than simple heat shrink or insulating tape. The mic basically belonged to someone who uses it in the middle of the PNG rain forest and it was chewed by a rat.

   The old project can be found here:

   Stay tuned for the new case designs which are going to be uploaded on this project page. The things I'm planning to add look like this:

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  • 1
    Insert the wires into the join box

    Insert both sides of the cable into the box and have them ready for connecting.

  • 2
    Secure the cables

    Use some cable ties to secure the cable inside the box. You would have to use the 2mm ones or even thinner.

  • 3
    Solder the wires

    Use some heat shrink tube and place it on tot he wires before soldering. After joining the wires, heat the tubes to shrink them:

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