K40 peltier laser water chiller

Cheap/simple peltier water chiller for 40W laser cutter/engraver

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Just trying to build a cheap alternative to the commercial chillers available for laser cutters. It's peltier based and initially just a single TEC. It won't be enough to provide constant cooling for really long jobs but my current setup is the old bucket 'o water method and dropping tap water ice cubes in my distilled water just isn't working either (the gelatinous water i changed out earlier this week was...umm...yuk!)

Parts used so far...
1x Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML240L (2x 120mm fan closed loop cooler radiator)
1x 12V 60W TEC1-12706

It will be controlled by an arduino

Thermocouple sensors will be placed on the hot side of the peltier and the reservoir.
I apprenticed as a refrigeration mechanic so i am approaching this build like any normal refrigeration system with thermostat and high temperature cut off.


I haven't even powered the thing up yet but i noticed the fan-radiator interface had loads of gaps so i whipped up this design and laser cut an acrylic sheet to make the airflow actually work. fits like a glove d:)

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  • Another hacker

    Chris Mitchell04/20/2018 at 12:19 0 comments

    This fellow is working on the same kind of rig as i am

    Will be interesting to see how our projects differ as we make progress. his laser is much bigger than mine though so i already feel like my version will be a toy in comparison

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