Project Grip: Universal Data Glove

Use hand signs and natural motions to control any computer in any context.

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Project Grip is two components - a set of rings that measure finger positions, and a lightweight controller that turns gestures into a virtual keyboard and mouse.

Flex sensors in the rings accurately and repeatably measure finger positions, without compromising dexterity.

The controller integrates off-the-shelf components, including an IMU and Bluetooth, into a 3D-printed backstrap.

The pre-written firmware converts hand signs and motions into a full keyboard and mouse emulation, with extra features intended for Android wearables. Output is standards-compliant USB and Bluetooth HID, so no drivers or API's are necessary to control most wearable computers.

The result is the finest general-purpose data glove for daily use. Many wearable computers that formerly relied on embarrassing speech-to-text, clunky keyers, and unreliable optical gesture detection can now be used anywhere, all the time.

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