The IV-11 VFD tube is a fairly easy device to drive. It is a 7 segment display tube with cathodes, anodes and a grid. It is similar to a common cathode led 7 segment display. The cathodes function as a heater and require 1.5v. The grid acts like an enable and requires 12v to 20v to enable the display. There is one anode per segment and they also require 12v to 20v to light each segment. This VFD does not require any current limiting resistors to operate. So connect a AA between the two cathodes, and two 9v in series (18V) to the grid and any segments you wish to light, and of course connect the grounds together. OK that is as clear as mud.

The cathodes are located at the front of the tube. they are pins 11 and pin 1 . Pin 2 is the grid. Pins 3 through 10 are the segment anodes.

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