Electrical Engineer that has a fascination with blinky things and shiny lights.

Pensacola, Florida
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This user joined on 05/21/2021.

Things I've Built

Captain America Shield Clock

Round LED clock based on an Arduino Nano RF and a ring of WS2812 LEDs. Structure is cut from 3mm and 6mm birch plywood.

RGB LED Matrix

64x64 LED matrix built using two 32x64 HUB75 panels, a Raspberry PI 2 and a matrix hat.

Freeform LED Clock

Freeform clock based around the good old 16F877A. Inspired by a lot of the freeform stuff that has been online in the past few years. Outer ring is hours inner ring is minute tens and red leds are 1-4 minutes.


Just your run of the mill desktop arcade build using a Raspberry Pi 3 and an only laptop screen.

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danjovic wrote 06/26/2021 at 13:33 point

Hi! Thanks for following my #MonKlock project!

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