I'll summarize the whole project in this one log as it's already done.

I found the mask and painted it after prototyping and playing with a led ring around the eye. I thought it looked cool and wanted to build on that.

Here is when I first put a LED ring around the eye:

After seeing this and deciding to continue with the project I Sprayed the thing black and used a broken head LED lamp to make a way to actually wear the thing.

In the pictures below there are also a fat beam laser mounted on the chest, I later removed this since I didn't like it. Also there is a small laser mounted on the side of the head (currently not plugged in). The reason I'm not using the laser is simply to not harm anyone on the dance floor.

Behind the mouthpiece there is a microphone seen on the picture below, also you can see the head mount from an LED head lamp and all the wiring. 

Finally here is a picture of the power bank that powers the whole thing, It is mounted on the outside and you can charge it in place or open it up and swap out the 18650 cell inside for a fresh one if you wish. The power runs through the USB cord which is also the programming cord for the Arduino. 

There are of course a lot of things you could add and tweak. Currently the code is doing three animations simultaneously:

1. Circulating a black dot around the eyes.

2. The shoulder strip is "breathing" in green.

3. The mouth matrix is lighting up leds according to the input of the microphone.

Here is a video of a little performance, the video was originally posted on Instagram hence the square format :)