Arduino NodeMCU automated Room

Control your whole room with your voice or an app, curtains, lights, fan, temperature and more.

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I have been creating a youtube series of "How to automate your room with arduino?" and as a part of this production i bring to you one of my newest upgrades.

I decided to use the ESP8266 nodemcu WiFi module because it could be programmed as an arduino, with the same language and IDE and it is a lot more powerful than the arduino by itself, because it has WiFi, a lot more storage memory, is way faster (80Mhz) and friendly.

Its a simple system that works with an nodemcu Esp8266 module as a main CPU, and relays, with an app designed on html and css that let you easily control everything you connect to it.

Always we need to improve things and this is my to do it with my bedroom, it's not because i'm lazy or something similar, i made this project because its futuristic, its confortable and totally usefull.

Esquema electronico.fzz

Fritzing electronic diagram

fzz - 53.33 kB - 06/09/2018 at 00:48



Arduino nodemcu code

ino - 9.18 kB - 06/09/2018 at 00:48


  • 1 × ESP8266 NodeMCU
  • 6 × 5v Relays
  • 8 × 3904 NPN transistors
  • 8 × 1k Resistors
  • 8 × Diodes

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    Materials You Will Need:

    1-NodeMCU ESP8266 board

    1-PIR sensor

    1-LM35 temperature sensor

    6- 3904 NPN transistors

    4-1n4001 diodes.

    8-1k ohm resistors

    4-5v relays

    2-12v relays (can be replaced by 5v ones).

    8-Terminal blocks

    Some wiring to connect everything and that's it.

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    Code and Schematic:

    I attached the code and the schematics:

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    Voice Control With Google Assistant Setup:

    As you can noticed on this video i didn't use the same module model, but is the same way to program it and to set the ifttt account with the adafruit one.

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