Cat trainer

A motion activated, battery powered fan to train a cat where they shouldn't go in the house.

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After many mornings being woken up by a cat attacking the living room door to be let out, I decided to find a way to train her not to do it. The market has air spray based trainers but they are very expensive so I decided to spin my own.

It's very simple at its core: a motion activated, battery powered fan pointed at the area you don't want the cat to go. Cat walks in front of the sensor and it makes an annoying noise which, hopefully, makes the cat re-think their decision. It is completely harmless to the cat as it's just a very low powered motor with rubber blades.

Schematic to follow shortly.

  • 1 × HC-SR501 PIR detector module
  • 1 × L298N Motor Driver Interface and IO ICs / Peripheral Drivers and Actuators

  • Testing the Cat Trainer V1

    Steven Wray07/23/2018 at 11:49 0 comments

    Tested the version 1 cat trainer last night and it stopped the cat from getting too close to the door, she was caught on camera heading towards the door to attack it!

    The felix pouches box seems like a good container for the parts but needs taping up as the cat seemed interested in its innards. I suspect sabotage if left like this...

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