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  • couple of items

    steve08/11/2018 at 03:22 0 comments

    Couple of additional items.

    Shorting the bottom two right side pins of u7 ( the chip that is in the ramen shop) will light the light over the robot head.

    Putting magnet near the rail way will light the train up. On the text game it will say that the rails are on and the train is running

  • Badge State

    Murad Khan08/10/2018 at 15:21 2 comments

    Each room has a binary option in it which can affect what areas you are allowed to access in game and the colors that appear on your badge. For example, in the mechanics room (I have a HUMAN badge and am assuming all badges have the same "story"), if you "Pull the codes from the car", you can't go down the elevator but if you "Download the payment records, you are able to go down the elevator, and the "C" and "O" light up on the badge itself. 

    There is another that can change depending on the state of the game as well, but not all decisions can affect it.  If you connect you badge to the terminal, you'll notice a number at the bottom of the screen. This number changes in response to two decisions, Punching In / Punching Out in The Garage and Pulling the car codes vs Downloading payment records. Punching in increments the number by 10, while Downloading the records increments it by 4.

    I believe this number can determine whether you are allowed into certain areas or not. It may be possible to interface directly with the board somehow and alter the memory directly to unlock new areas. I don't have the know-how to do that so if someone could look into that, it could end up being very fruitful.

  • Different badge types have different firmware

    Mike Szczys08/09/2018 at 22:44 0 comments

    I picked up my press badge and got a surprise in the terminal. It spews a bit about journalism so there must be different firmware features for each kind of badge. Anyone else have another badge and can show some screenshots?

    Here's the front design of the press badge:

  • Info I've collected so far

    Travis Carr08/09/2018 at 22:27 2 comments

    It appears different badge combinations produce different text in the serial console game. There are the text additions I've seen from diffferent combinations, and the rooms they appear in:

    • Human:Human = "The stranger next to you accidentally knocks your ramen on the floor.  Great." in the ramen room
    • Human:Goon= "The guards around town are in a foul mood.  Best to stay out of their way!" in the business room
    • Human:Speaker = "Graffiti on the wall says 0x9E1CE2C2F6FBFE198637E6F10B957DDD50A7874177A51E" in the arcade room

    Hex values seen so far:

    • 0x2BFC8E2B3561C04FBBC73FA43D5D96540D0AA008B30924CE47DA0EC67530D3
    • 0x9E1CE2C2F6FBFE198637E6F10B957DDD50A7874177A51E

    Ive had no luck decoding them... missing something. Its also worth noting all badge types show these same hex codes, just in their respectively themed rooms.

  • Badge to Badge unlocks

    Mike Szczys08/09/2018 at 20:06 6 comments

    Please update this as more badge to badge unlock information is discovered.

    Human to Human

    This is the first unlock and will let your green character travel down the elevator

    Human to Goon

    This is a second unlock but it might make the game harder. I'm told that it adds a second red security guard to the badge

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