• 1st printed prototype printing

    Don Juan De Pyro09/02/2019 at 05:21 0 comments

    I'm printing the 1st draft of this thing. Left plenty of room for leds and the hollow truss rod tube to pump flammable liquids through. Doing it in PETG. Should be printed in a day. Files available for those following along. 

  • CAD this thing up

    Don Juan De Pyro08/31/2018 at 20:31 0 comments

    The core of the body has been designed in Tindercad. It was designed so that a CR-10 s5 can print the entire neck and bridge assembly in one piece to get really tight tolerances for intonation. I will break up the pieces with registration keys so smaller printers can do this up easy too. Prolly post all this to Thingiverse when done. I will probably just go with a steel rod for the truss rod on the Mark 1 though I may get more ambitious and go with a real adjustable truss rod. Even the 3d printed polycarbonate can't hand the strain of the string tension. A hollow steel tube will also make channeling the inflammable (it means more than flammable like infamous means more than famous) liquids through much easier. I've been screen recording my progress because I also want to show people how to design an instrument like this from the ground up in something easy like Tinkercad. I may if I have time document the building process in Rhino, Fusion 360, and a VR program like Kodon as well. I've gone with a 480mm scale length on this guy. That should keep me safe from too much string rattle. 

    Need to solder together an 18650 battery pack to get the 24 Volts necessary to f̶o̶g̶  m̶i̶s̶t̶i̶f̶y̶mystify this Vitar up. I'll prolly just use some Amazon battery holders for that. I also need to see if I can make the ultrasonic foggers more compact by removing some material. Gotta figure a way to hide them in the body with a water reservoir.