Restaurant Franchise Ideas

Junk-Fu, Baconweavers, ZaZa's Pizza, and Amen Ramen to name a few.

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I came up with branding for perhaps it would be a cookbook with junk food used as seasonings. was an old franchise idea baron von internet has registered it after consulting me and we haven't made it reality since He/She is in Canada. ZaZa's Pizza is a good trademark for a new pizza franchise or to rebrand an old one. Amen Ramen is my personal favourite (i prefer the Brit spelling) . Amen Ramen is a idea for a "Green" solar powered soup cart that has foam cups and soup and only heats up water using a copper coil induction heater/stinger like coffee pots do. I imagined this on back of pedi-cars. With vertical gravity based soup vending machine.
  • 1 × Car battery or UPS Battery Backup
  • 1 × Solar Panel(s)
  • 1 × 1-5 gallon water tank
  • 1 × coffee maker to scavenge parts
  • 1 × Square soups for Verticle Gravity Based Vending machine

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John Mak wrote 12/28/2021 at 04:55 point

Do you have any unique idea just like that for Florida Business for Sale rules?

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Ember Leona wrote 10/03/2018 at 00:00 point

On a side note openInvent provided a sub par url shortener that doesnt work for most sites with redirections or masking. See  I also registered and I own a few adult sites I am looking for investors with. and

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Ember Leona wrote 10/02/2018 at 23:58 point

Liquisol and Aquasal are also trademarks I would invest in with someone else for aerosol seasoning sprays. The idea is in use for medical cleansers saline spray washes but not used in food or for more even distribution of seasonings. You can make your own simple and enjoy tastes like flaming hot whatever you want

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