Watch the Video

In this video, i show you how to make DC motor speed controller with small PCB.You can check the step below for more detail

Make the Schematic, PCB

I use Eagle software for make schematic and layout. You can download all of thing need to make PCB here. You can make at home by yourself but you can use my gerber file and upload to for make PCB online. I order PCB from alot of time and i alway get PCB with high quality only 2$ for 10PCB and Big Discount on First order Shipping.

Prepare Component and Solder to PCB

I take the N chanel mosfet from old PC mainboard. You can use any N channel mosfet with TO252 footprint. It have the value of component at the top of PCB, it very easy for solder

Finish and Test Circuit

I use 12V 30w PSU for test circuit. The motor is 775 motor 100w, at no load current about 2.5A. For running with load you need 12V PSU 10A or more