Little Thoughts_A Capsule Machine Project

Sharing & exploring each other’s unique values.

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To spread cultural traditions, knowledge & thoughts amongst each other with a capsule machine by individual users writing them down and placing it into the machine to share their thoughts; then taking one capsule after to learn about someone’s else.

  1. User writes their story/message/knowledge on a small note and put into a ball capsule.
  2. .User puts into Capsule Machine slipping into slot and twist the notch.
  3. As notch is turnt, another capsule will pop out of the machine and the user can open the new capsule up.
  4. User will read a random message from previous user that has written on it to learn new things from other culture/traditions.

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  • Attempt_4

    Anthony Chin11/06/2018 at 16:46 0 comments

      25 Oct 2018

      Proceed with the design

      - capsule machine use a "present box" concept for the design outcome

      -Getting Message from others its like a surprise


      1. User have to read thru the instruction shown in-front of the machine to understand how to use it.
      2. After they read the instruction they are require to press the button at the  end of the instruction
      3. Upon user press the button, a compartment at right-side below  of the box will open by a servo, and there is an empty ball inside for user to take it out.  There will be a green light LED shines on the ball, until user take the ball out the LED will become red.   
      4. User will take the ball write and message to place in the ball. Then user need to toss it into the machine 
      5.  Once the ball has being toss into the machine, a servo will unlock the latch for user to spin the notch.
      6. In return user get a ball that has written message by other people.
      7. As instruction stated user need to return the empty ball back to the compartment.
      8. Once the compartment micro-switch detect the ball has being placed back the LED will return green again.
      9. And the servo will lock the compartment door.



  • Design Concepts

    Matthew Goh Seng Jun10/22/2018 at 01:51 0 comments

    Initial Design Concept | 22 Oct 2018


    New Design Concepts.


  • Proposal 3.3

    Matthew Goh Seng Jun10/18/2018 at 04:53 0 comments

    Design Prototype No. 1  |  18 Oct 2018

    First Prototype Design: Capsule Machine


    Capsule Machine: Outer & Inner (For Flexible Maintenance)


    Capsule Machine: Bottom Lock System (For Flexible Maintenance)


    Capsule Machine: Logic & Measurements


    Capsule Machine: Separate Instruction Box Set


  • attempt3.2

    Anthony Chin10/17/2018 at 17:32 0 comments

    • usually the mechanics of  a toy capsule machine is operated by coin
    • only a round object can push up the "obstacle" that blocks the notch


    1. This capsule machine is no longer control by coins
    2. if the sensor sense someone toss a ball into the machine, another motor will put the "obstacle" latch to let user to spin the notch

    Below is the full mechanics concept of this capsule machine

    The concept mechanics of the capsule machine

    1. Once the sensor sense user toss in a ball, it will open up the latch and let the ball fall in the same time the notch will be unlock by showing green led

    3.the ball holder will lead the capsule ball to the exit point of the machine

  • Confirmed Idea_Attempt 3.1

    Matthew Goh Seng Jun10/11/2018 at 10:14 0 comments

    Presentation Slides Update:


    New Project Title: Little Thoughts + Tagline.


    New: Project Description.


    New: Visual References.

    - Capsule Machine for users to interact with.

    - Capsule balls for users to write messages and to put inside.


    New: Structure Materials.

    - MDF wood will be used for body structuring & support structures.

    - 3D printing will be mainly used  for internal mechanism.

  • Confirmed Idea_Attempt 3

    Anthony Chin10/11/2018 at 09:51 0 comments

    11 Oct 2018

    Mechanics Reference

    Video reference for capsule machine

    Mechanics Sketch

    1. Write a message and toss into the capsule machine
    2.  (A) sensor detect if people toss the ball in, if yes the latch we open for the ball to enter the machine.
    3. At the same time the notch will be unlock, for use to spin
    4. (B) while spinning the notch the "ball holder" will lead the ball downwards to the collect area

    How do the notch works

    1. There will be 2 latch blocking the notch from spinning
    2. Once the sensor is checked, another motor above the latch will pull it up
    3. and now user will be able to twist the notch.


    • As reference common coin operated capsule machine, use coin to push up the latch
    • In our case we use a motor to pull up the latch.

  • Idea_attempt2

    Anthony Chin10/06/2018 at 18:42 0 comments

    1 October 2018

    • discussion on which idea to discard
    • 3 ideas picked (capsule machine, time machine , turn table)
    • Make ideas more solid (user experience, mood , etc

    5 October 2018

    • Decide on Capsule Idea

  • Brainstorm_attempt1

    Anthony Chin10/06/2018 at 18:40 0 comments

    24 Sep 2018

    • explore on reference
    • brainstorm idea

    26 Sep 2018

    • discussion
    • decided 5 ideas (turn table, capsule machine, time machine , led heart, musical box)

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