• Ordered PCB and parts

    Platinenmacher03/29/2019 at 07:34 0 comments

    I just finished ordering the parts and PCBs for 10 watches. Price breakdown is:

    * 25 PCBs for 180$ (+ additional taxes) provided by PCBgogo

    * Parts for 10 watches + surplus because of MOQ 350€ provided by Mouser

    * additional 5 Displays 36$ provided by Good Display


    Material price per watch ~ 60€

    Now I wait for delivery. And will build up one sample. If that works well I will build up all ten of them.

    After building up all of the ten watches I will be able to supply some of them to people interested. Price point will discussed when it is time to talk about selling. As you can see from the costs a price around 100€ is very reasonable and will mostly cover the cost of this production and previous experiments.

  • Time for Review

    Platinenmacher02/20/2019 at 07:39 10 comments

    It is time to show the world my progress with this project. I uploaded it to github so you all can have a look and tell me what is wrong with it.


    Next to the KiCad project I also added PDF files of schematic and layout.

    Please have a look at it and tell me your opinion before I put 1000$ into ordering a couple.

    Here are a few infroations about the design.

    The Board outline is designed to be fabricated as a flex PCB. There are a few stiffner areas where there should be a plastic plate supporting the flex board.

    The watch is powered by a 3V coin cell that sits in the holder in the middle of the board.

    From the cell the 3V are going to the RTC and the writst band brace. If the watch is closed around the wrist it closes the circuit and powers up the DCDC boost converter U2. This generates 3.3V for the whole system.

  • New Hardware Revision

    Platinenmacher11/18/2018 at 12:01 0 comments

    I ordered a new hardware revision for the Schmartwatch board. This will come with two more features:

    • Piezo buzzer
    • Light for the e-paper display

    Blog article (German): https://www.kurzschluss-blog.de/2018/11/schmartwatch-11-neue-hardware.html

  • Updating the e-ink display

    Platinenmacher10/17/2018 at 18:45 0 comments

    This video  shows the display updating a full image

    The display can also update a partial area