• Wait.... SuperCon is *this* weekend?!?

    morgan11/01/2018 at 02:07 2 comments

    That was me on Monday evening.

    Thankfully @oshpark had been ordered already but with an entire week up and vanishing I was concerned I maybe should have ordered expedited service.... Anyhow, I put in my @Digi-Key order right away and it arrived today! Got the ESP32 modules and headers. As long as USPS doesn't pull any funny stuff OSHPark should arrive tomorrow!

  • Boards ordered!

    morgan10/18/2018 at 20:22 0 comments

    Welp, I *hope* this boards are simple enough even I cannot screw it up(tm) because the order is in place.

    I've ordered 18 boards and will bring parts for 10 or so, will know sometime next week what I can swing.

    I'm interested in hearing ideas for uses. Obvious one for me is using the BLE Serial Port Profile for badge to badge communication. Unfortunately it doesn't appear any of the WiFi Mesh functionality has been implemented in the AT firmware. But in Station Mode a fairly trivial service could be written for multi-badge comms. Let me know what you'd use one for.

  • Tight timeline...

    morgan10/17/2018 at 21:09 0 comments

    With SuperCon in.... just over 3 weeks I don't have a ton of time to get this slapped together.

    Things I need.

    • PCB (OSHPark)
    • WROOM module (digikey)
    • Connectors..... (digikey? I hope)

    First two are easy, just get the PCB design done and order boards ASAP. I'm out of town for the next 4 days, so I'm reaaallly hoping I can do that tonight before I leave. We'll see.

    ESP32 modules can order anytime next week and have room to spare.

    But that last one is proving tricky... The requirements for the socket are as follows.

    • 2.54mm
    • Horizontal
    • SMD
    • Break-away?

    Best I've found so far is this 10 pin socket header that I could cut/melt one pin off.


    Besides having to modify them, they're aren't very cheap. I'm going to mull over the footprint this afternoon, if I can make that generic enough, I can send the boards out and figure this out next week.