Kendryte K210 Development Tutorial for Windows 10

How to deploy the SDK for the K210 Dock.

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This is a simple guide for deploying the FreeRTOS SDK for the Kendryte K210 system (K210 Dock) for the Windows 10 environment.


How to deploy:

  1. Get Cmake. Install it. Make sure the Cmake path is set too! If not, set this in the "Environment Variables":

2. Then install the Windows CPP Build tools. Make sure you install the Windows 8.1 SDK too!

3. Extract the Kendryte's K210 Toolchain to your desired drive and folder. Take note of the location of the folder (where X is your desired drive letter):

Location of the toolchain:

Location of the toolchain's binary: 

 4. Extract the  FreeRTOS SDK to your desired drive and folder also. Make sure you create a folder inside the folder as well!


Make build folder inside there:

5. Go to CMD and:

a. Set the path:

set PATH=%PATH%;X:/kendryte-toolchain/bin

 b. Change directory to Build folder, and type this (after the >):

D:\kendryte-freertos-sdk-0.5.0\build> cmake .. -DPROJ=hello_world -DTOOLCHAIN=X:/kendryte-toolchain/bin -G "Unix Makefiles" && make

 c. Press Enter! It is now compiling and give it a few minutes.

6. When you have seen this, it means you have completed the compilation:

7. That is not complete yet! You need to load the binary to the K210 Dock board. Install the K-Flash into your desired drive or folder.

8. In the K-Flash, just select the binary file. It is from the "build" folder you have made just now:

Of course, choose the "USB-SERIAL CH340" for your device as the dock contains the CH340 converter.

In the Firmware, just copy and paste this into the box:


Hold the BOOT button on the board, then press "Flash", and when it's downloading, release the button.

9. In your Realterm or other terminal program:

Select the port that is connected to the dock, and set the Baud rate to 115200

If you cannot see the "Hello World!", press the reset button. You will see it here right after you press it.

That's only for this project! Next step, integrate this into another IDE! :)


Thanks to Kali Prasad, Wu Caesar, Yang FangFei, Itsurin Syu, Han Shihao and all the other crew in Sipeed for the rapid assistance! 

k210 dock board.jpg

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Schematic for K210 Dock

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Adi Oltean wrote 12/24/2018 at 11:57 point

Hi folks, great HW platform! I have just received my first MAIX M1W x5 boards today - thanks! 

I tried to get the "Hello World" program running, using this tutorial above.

I have built the Hello World and flashed the first board with hello_world.bin according to instructions. The terminal window shows no Hello World. If I try to reflash this board I get the following error "Unable to enter ISP" 

I have also flashed the second board and again I see no output in the terminal console. 

What I am doing wrong? 

Thanks, Adi

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NYH-workshop wrote 12/31/2018 at 01:53 point

Hello Adio, 

Apologies for the late reply. I regret that I do not have that MAIX M1W board and have no experience with it.

Have you contacted their official Telegram page?

  Are you sure? yes | no

Adi Oltean wrote 12/31/2018 at 02:14 point

No problem - already contacted them on the Telegram group (they are very responsive). We did some diagnosis remotely and they decided to send me a replacement board. This is just one out of five boards that failed. The rest of the four boards are working fine so far. 

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