EMF pickup device

An enclosure for a hacked cassette pickup and processor

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The case was hella ugly, so thats whats getting changed.

I am learning KiCad but I honestly feel that thats too much for this project.

The case should look decent and will be 3D printed. My goal is for it to be showy enough that it doesn't freak people out and offers ample room for mods. Controls should be easily accessed and it should be a wearable with the exposure window facing towards the hand. This should be perceived as cool, but alien. Chances are I'll do some flexing in Grasshopper.

In the end all you should need is access to a decent printer, a cassette player, some soldering skills and maybe a rechargeable battery.


legacy case, the thing that's getting changed.

JPEG Image - 3.37 MB - 12/07/2018 at 20:07



Fully populated board mechanical cad file. I will build the case around this. Includes sensor and volume control. Handy reference for the Jensen SCR-68C

3dm - 1.61 MB - 12/06/2018 at 20:41



The start of the PCB layout which will be used for reference.

3dm - 234.41 kB - 12/06/2018 at 16:37


  • 1 × Your own modified Casette player I'll try to make a tutorial on this later or you can just wing it.
  • 1 × Case This will be 3D printed
  • 1 × Battery(ies) Still trying to decide on this.

  • The old case

    David Troetschel12/07/2018 at 20:15 0 comments

    The old case was pretty ugly;

    but now the PCB has been extracted;

    Liberated! Time to design a new case!

    Right now I've built all components in the computer so I'm planning on playing around in rhino for a bit for layout and then doing the main case body in Gravity Sketch next week then final touch-ups in rhino or Solidworks.

  • PCB

    David Troetschel12/06/2018 at 20:45 0 comments

    I started by making a physical cad file of the PCB, sensor and volume control. This will be used to make the case around and decide where to lay out components.

    A few things are generalized like the solder pads on the main board but this should make for a good Jensen SCR-68C reference file. 

  • origins

    David Troetschel12/06/2018 at 16:35 0 comments

    Anyways, if you read the article you'll notice they comment on how the casing looks pretty terrible. It was, indeed terrible. Essentially a bunch of polystyrene glued together.

    It worked, but damn was it ugly.
    So, considering i'm busier than ever and doing too many side projects as it is I figured what was the harm in one more. So a new case it is!

    I'm not planning on changing the circuit board much right now, its been heavily modified already. This project was initially inspired by Kreosan! See:

    Jensen SCR-68C Stereo Cassette Player with AM/FM Radio ~$18 and overkill.

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