Arduino nano drop-in replacement with Samd21E18

Samd21 (Arduino zero) based plugin for ARES robot with Arduino nano pinout

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Direct drop-in replacement for Arduino nano

I am using samd21e18 which live in TQFP32 package, same like on Atmega328
It is much more easy to solder.

Optional LEGO compatible border ;-)

Arm Samd21 nano core :)

  • Pinout compatible with arduino nano.
  • Pin nubers are little swaped to make easier board and for compatibility with 328Nano in Ares
  • Almost all pins are populated
  • SamD21E18 for easier soldering
  • some pins missing  A3 A4 are doubled
  • LEGO compatible holes

You can use this board in my other projects

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pt wrote 07/21/2019 at 01:26 point

since it's a samd let us know if ya need any help getting it on , feel free to email me ... pt at adafruit dot com

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