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Some useful tips for taking photos and writing descriptions


Grant Giesbrecht wrote 07/24/2019 at 07:06 point

A trick I tend to use a lot is making ad-hoc softboxes. I wrote a page about this a few months ago(, but taping a piece of paper over a flashlight or smartphone light can make for a pretty effective softbox if you're on a budget.

Also: +1 to the vise = tripod tip.

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Keith Olson wrote 07/08/2019 at 06:02 point

Good article!  Some thoughts:

1. Even more important than have a lot of light is having a lot of *GOOD* (i.e. 'high CRI') light.  Here ( is a good article on building good quality lights.

2. I can't recommend CHDK ( or Magic Lantern ( enough for adding *insanely* useful features to Canon cameras.  With one simple script and a single click, you can take all of the shots you need to create a focus-stacked, exposure-bracketed image--with software like Hugin ( will make many people think that you are a professional photographer.  (Here, for example, is a focus-stacked picture of a Warhammer miniature that I--a complete and utter amateur--took for a friend:  It was taken in 'Super Macro Mode' with a Canon S5 and required 21 shots--taken automatically by a script--to get everything into focus. )

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