Soviet Nixie Clock

Nixie clock with Android support, Web interface support, FM radio, clock/date, sensors, relays, web stream radio stations, bt/wifi control

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This is project for all , who want to build special Nixie clock with lot of features.

Main system and hardware features are:

Android app support;
Web interface under HTML5 / CSS / Javascript / jQuery;
Touch display;
MP3 player;
Web stream radio stations;
FM radio with RDS;
Clock / Date;
Sensors for temperature / humidity / barometric;
Relay time control;
RGB backlight of nixies and bottom of clock;
ESP32 with cooperate of Arduino 2560 ;
Bluetooth / Wifi control;
Different languages support;
IRDA teaching control for any infrared controller (TV,Video,Satelite etc...);

Full STL / GCODE support for printers and CNC machining;

(uploaded images are pre-version build - I made clock in last time, but just now I want to totally improve and make the best nixie clock of the world ;-) )

The final video of Nixie Soviet Clock

  • Final video of the Soviet Nixie Clock

    loszelos05/04/2020 at 20:38 0 comments

  • Few next days up!

    loszelos06/21/2019 at 05:30 0 comments

    I'm toooooo sorry, for this very late log. I was on surgery, therefore I was long off. Just now, I had to prepare for exams at my school. I was too busy, but however, I wanted to write this short topic. Just now, I'm almost done with my CNC mill for PCB and small components machine, here this are potos and link for do it :-) 

    To All: Please be patiently. Just now we will start holidays = more more time for developing 8-) 

    The CNC is printed from : 

    I'm decided little bit change some things, for better stability and use not nema17 but nema23 for Y axis. The machine is very heavy and it's problem, to run up with small torque of nema17.

    See ya in the next topic! Roman

  • Moving in project

    loszelos05/28/2019 at 17:24 0 comments

    Hey all !! I would like to exuse me, because I didn't write a log from build too long.

    I was in hospital on surgery, my healt wasn't so good to make everything new. I had broken my 3D printer and just now I think, that I repaired finally it and I'm able to make a new parts.  I have almost done my new CNC machine for milling PCB, because I want to make a great proffesional look of them.

    I have also almost more than 50% of code done and just now is situation, that I have to done PCBs due to programing with HW which is necessary for continue in programming.

    When I will have done PCB milling machine and I will be sure that printer is correct, I will make the first prototype of PCBs and if everything will be allright I will upload files, schematics, gerber.

    Soo, thanks for patience..


    loszelos04/21/2019 at 12:52 0 comments

    Hey !! I'm soooooo glad and excited, that I can upload first pictures of boards! I'm still working on them, and lot of job is done. Just now, it's under finishing and correcting and testing. When I will be done, I will upload first files for download. Sooo please be patient.


    loszelos04/21/2019 at 12:39 0 comments

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