uTerm is an add-on card for the Z80-MBC2 single board computer to add a VT100-like terminal, a power supply and a "transparent" serial-USB port for a serial-USB adapter.

Here a previous version of uTerm vertically inserted into the Z80-MBC2 board:

and here assembled horizontally:

With the uTerm the Z80-MBC2 becomes an "autonomous" computer:

A couple of videos running "famous" CP/M games:


The uTerm has a "transparent" USB-serial adapter connector, so you can upload firmware to the Z80-MBC2 (using Arduino IDE) or load an Intel-Hex file (with iLoad) or use XMODEM to exchange files with a PC (running a terminal emulator that supports XMODEM file transfer) while the uTerm is in use.

Both the "mixed" power supply scenarios (USB-serial adapter not powered from USB but Z80-MBC2 powered and vice-versa) are managed by the HW, so you don't need to worry about it. In the following photo a serial-USB adapter is connected with a cable to the transparent SER_USB port:

This allows to use two keyboards and two monitors in the "same" time (one keyboard and monitor attached directly to the uTerm, and another keyboard and monitor of the terminal emulator on a PC connected with the serial-USB).

Or you can use the monitor attached to the uTerm and the keyboard of the terminal emulator on a PC. This is exactly the "configuration" I used in the following photo. As you can see, there isn't any keyboard attached to the uTerm (previous version attached to the Z80-MBC2 with a cable):


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