More Info:


  • CPU: Z80 running at 7.3728 MHz
  • Interface: Two high-speed serial ports at 115200 Baud. One with a fully compatible RS232 driver.
  • Disk: 64MB or 128MB Compact Flash card support, containing 8 or 16 logical drives, respectively.
  • RAM: 64K Byte
  • ROM: 16K Byte, switched off when CP/M active.
  • Resets: Both cold (full reset) and warm reset (used to return to CP/M prompt) circuitry
  • CP/M support: 2.2 with included software. More information about CP/M.


It's able to use internal or external clock and internal or external power supply. Also the peripheral bus can expand it by using other boards via Baffa Backplane.