Long story long:

Last year I got a new laptop that ticked all the boxes for me at the time. Great 1080p screen with touch, long battery life, very portable and enough power to do a fair bit of programming. I was very happy with it until one dreaded morning when I got tangled in the charging cable and snapped the impossibly fragile 3mm x 1.1mm DC plug. My laptop hasn't been the same since. Apart from replacing the plug 3 times and the charger twice, the plug would only charge my computer when wedged in some awkward position.

I had enough! 

After finding out the USB PD supports 15V and 20V and most laptops use buck converters on the charging circuit anyway, which means that as long as the voltage is not too low, it doesn't really matter if you supply it with 12, 15, 19 or 20V as long as the MOS-FETs can handle it. I was desperate and willing to take the chance! 

After opening up the laptop and seeing that i jad just the right amount of space to fit a type-c port, I ordered a 20V USB-C PD trigger module from China called the "ZYPDS" from YZXSTUDIO on Ebay and got to work.

A little bit of filing of the case, the USB PD 20V trigger and the motherboard later, I had a fully functioning laptop with Type-c charging! And I didn't break anything.

This project is a precursor to my next one which is a fully DIY USB-C PD 30W (at 15V or 20V) 100Wh Powerbank.