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Setting it up

Picture1. Insert your input voltage supply (5 - 32 volts) into the input terminals of the converter as seen by the picture above. Make sure that you follow the right input polarity as shown and the screws are fastened in place after inserting the input wires.

Picture2. Insert the leads of a multimeter to the output of the power supply module. Make sure that your multimeter is set to measure DC voltage and the polarity of the leads you are inserting are right. 

Picture3. Turn the potentiometer clockwise to increase the output voltage and turn the potentiometer anticlockwise to decrease the output voltage depending on your load. Make sure you watch the output voltage reading on your multimeter as you rotate the potentiometer, to not exceed any inputs voltages to your load. For this example, we will demonstrate this module bucking a voltage. However, the same concept will apply when in boost mode.

Picture4. Once your output voltage is correctly set, you can safely insert your load into the output screw terminals of your module and remove your multimeter. Make sure you check the polarity of your load before inserting it and make sure you screw the screw terminals to secure the load in place. The setup of this DC to DC converter is now finished!


After using this DC to DC Automatic Boost Buck Converter for most of my electronic projects, I have now seen what this product can truly do in the field and how it helps me as a maker. Thus, I would highly recommend this module to any maker due to its efficiency, its range of conversion and the protection consisted on-board. With its high efficiency when dealing with high or low voltages (5 - 32 volts), you can be assured that your output voltage (1.25 - 20 volts) won't be affected with a heavy load, even with the current at 5 amps. Plus, this module's amount of protection will be good for anybody looking to experiment or test, while staying safe from any dangers to them, or the hardware. Lastly, another important factor is its attractive price at around $8.44 for the whole module, which could be slightly more expensive, but, with its features, it will do you very well when using it. All in all, this DC to DC converter from ICStation will be one of my top picks when referring to boost buck converters for average electronic usages.

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