Portability. Simplicity. Security. We are striving to make password hacking obsolete

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OnlyKey removes the hassle of forgetting your passwords and serves as a universal 2-factor authentication platform that can replace multiple hardware tokens and apps. Just plug it in and press the button to login.

Secure by Design – Information can only be written to the OnlyKey or wiped. This protects your data even if the connected computer has been compromised. Unlike smartcards that are vulnerable to keylogger attacks, the PIN used to unlock OnlyKey is entered on the OnlyKey itself.

Military Grade Encryption– This is no marketing buzzword, we actually support FIPS 140-2 and NSA suite B compliant algorithms including AES 256 GCM, SHA-256, ECDH/ECDSA (P256 and Ed25519) and utilizing a True Random Number Generator (TRNG).

Two-Factor Options – By supporting multiple methods of 2FA Onlykey is the most universally supported token available on the market today! Chances are that if the website supports two-factor authentication, OnlyKey is compatible.

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