Open assistive robotic arm for meal

An accessible Robotic arm made from 3D print and open electronic. Make it together

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It is not given to everyone to be able to use his arms. When that happens, having a meal could be a nightmare and making you depend on someone.
Helping robotic's solutions exist on the market but cost several thousand dollars.
Since october 2018 and a collaborative work at the Besançon's Hacking health, we believe that it is possible to realize a low cost open assistive robotic arm for meals, simple and accessible.
We have designed prototypes made from 3D printed parts and open source electronic hardware which will facilitates reproductibility and access to hardware.
These prototypes are from a mechanical design point of view suitable for adults, wheelchair users or children at the table.
We now need to continue the programming work and some design points to make it transportable, safe and functional for meals.
We want to federate a community to design together this open assistive robotic arm and ensure its dissemination. We need You !

Work in progress !!!


Use .STL files, recommended infill 30% minimum


Use the .dxf files to cut into a  3 mm thickness material


Use 3D printed parts with list of components , instructions ongoing redaction


Based on arduino,  ongoing documentation


Made available under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Standard Tesselated Geometry - 251.84 kB - 05/27/2019 at 13:55


Standard Tesselated Geometry - 210.92 kB - 05/27/2019 at 13:55


Standard Tesselated Geometry - 133.58 kB - 05/27/2019 at 13:55


Standard Tesselated Geometry - 105.94 kB - 05/27/2019 at 13:55


Standard Tesselated Geometry - 328.50 kB - 05/27/2019 at 13:55


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  • project page migration

    Julien OUDIN06/03/2020 at 13:00 0 comments

    New step for the  project, We have a dedicated team to advance in technical, safety and regulatory fields.

    Follow us on the new project's page :

  • Some news

    Julien OUDIN12/13/2019 at 12:55 0 comments

    Hi everybody,
    It has been a long time since we have published and advanced on the technical field but we are moving forward : we have developed partnerships with contributors and users and found financials supports.
    In January 2020, not to do like Simone Giertz in these videos ;-) we'll welcome a biomedical trainee engineer to study safety and regulatory issues. In April, a mechatronics enginner will come for a 6 months internship to go further in the development of the solution and share it.
    Stay tuned !

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