Quantity   Component name
1 × Brake Bar It enables the "Counter to Rotor 1" to engage/disengage with the Bushing.
1 × Platform It holds the electronic components inside the Body Case.
1 × Lock It holds all major components in place.
1 × Cover to Rotor 1 It serves as cover to Rotor 1 and holds the "Counter to Rotor 1" in place.
1 × Body Case It serves as a housing for electronic components and as a handle for the user when cranking.
1 × Fastener/Cover to Stators and Rotors This holds the Rotor 1, Rotor 2 and Rotor 3 altogether.
2 × Stators This houses the coils of copper wire.
3 × Rotors Components where the magnets are attached.
1 × Torsion Spring It acts to store mechanical energy when the Rotors are twisted.
1 × Washer It lessens the friction between the "Counter to Rotor 1" and the Lock.
48 × N35 Neodymium magnet 20mmx10mmx5mm
4 × Spacers Thickness is 0.5 mm and prevents the rotors and the stators from coming into contact.
1 × Spring Lock (for Counter to Rotor 1) It locks the Torsion Spring attached to "Counter to Rotor 1"
1 × Spring Lock (Rotor 1) It locks the Torsion Spring attached to Rotor 1.
4 × Magnets Housing for Rotors It holds the magnets in place.
1 × Body Case Cover It acts as a cover and holds the case as well as the shaft stationary.
1 × Counter to Rotor 1 It houses the Brake Bar and makes the torsion spring engaged in a counter-clockwise direction.
1 × Bushing It holds the Rotor 1 in place and acts as a stopper so that Rotor 1 and "Counter to Rotor 1" will rotate counter-clockwise together.
18 × #29 AWG Coils of Copper Wire