> Raspberry Pi Zero W, so it's capable of both bluetooth and WiFi

> Prototyping hat for the Pi Zero where the buttons for controls are soldered

> 1200 mAh LiPo Battery with a LiPo charging circuit (MicroUSB Charging)

> SSD1306 i2C OLED Display with a resolution of 128x64 (0.96")

> A microphone module out of a broken headset, soldered onto a small USB soundcard board

> Some generic reading glasses without its lenses.

The transparent heads-up display extension and reflecting panel are made of plastic that was cut out of old CD cases that were laying around unused.


The user-interface software is completely programmed in Python3 and is called VisorWare. I'm aiming to make it a full fledged OS-like software with capabilities to install applications, pair with a smartphone app via Bluetooth and maybe even function as a Bluetooth headset with bone conduction transducers. Currently, the software has some basic functionality, such as a few settings, power options and software update functions (taking updates from a GitHub repo.) It has a few basic applications so far - such as a weather app, a clock app, and a speech-to-text app using the onboard microphone. Hopefully I'll be able to get Google Assistant working on it too in the very near future. I'm also looking for some cool ideas on what more I could do/try to get running on the device!

You can find source code at my GitHub Repo: https://github.com/1zc/VisorWare It currently lacks completed documentation, but I'll be getting to that as soon as I can!