Quantity   Component name
1 × Particle Photon
1 × 74AHCT125 - Quad Level-Shifter (3V to 5V) Used to allow the 3V Photon to talk to the 5V Neopixels
1 × Wire I’ve begun using 4-wire phone cable for all of my electronics projects due to cost, availability and ease of organization when they’re kept in the insulated sleeve.
1 × 3D-Printed Components These are listed in more detail on the Thingiverse page.
1 × Screw Terminals 6 total points
1 × Snow Fluff Blanket Available at any craft store
12 × 2x7mm screws
1 × 3D Printed Components Included on the Thingiverse page.
1 × Snow Fluff Blanket Available at any craft store
1 × Adafruit NeoPixel Digital RGBW LED Strip - White PCB 60 LED/m 1 meter for Saturn V (I actually used an RGB strip for mine, same as in Asa Miller’s tutorial). A few inches for LM
1 × Adafruit Audio FX Sound Board - WAV/OGG Trigger with 16MB Flash There are more sophisticated boards that allow you to have much greater control and storage space, but they were all more expensive and this did everything that I needed
1 × Adafruit Quad Alphanumeric Display - Red 0.54" Digits w/ I2C Backpack Originally wanted to use Adafruit 0.56" 4-Digit 7-Segment Display w/I2C Backpack – Red but it got lost in the mail.
1 × 1,000 uF Capacitor Used to protect the neopixels from voltage fluctuations.
7 × 470 Ω Resistors Other sizes could easily work, this just happened to be size I had readily available in quantity that fell within the ranges I needed for the various components. Keeping them all the same size also just made it easier.
2 × Red LEDs