• Designing the locking mechanism

    Øystein08/20/2019 at 21:43 0 comments

    So, it all started with that I got this bike:

    This is a electric transportbike. It originally comes either bare or with a open box as a 600 euro option. I thought I could make a box that fitted my needs better. Here where my criterias:

    • Detachable via locking mechanism
    • detatchable wheels and sliding handle so it can be used as a suitcase when going inside
    • lockable to prevent someone just picking up stuff from it

    So I figured the most difficult task was to design the locking mechanism. So I started on that. I was inspired by the pallet system that pierson workholding uses for their pallets.

    This works by having the steel balls retract into the body to release the pallet. The pierson system is based on compressed air. I knew my system is could not be based on compressed air on a bike. My system is there completely mechanically powered. It uses a cam to retract and extrude the steel balls.

    Here you can see a breakdown of how it works:

    So far it seams to go smoothly. The progress is good!