➢Step description:

✦Step 1 :- Take all components as shown in the video with two 100K Potentiometers.

✦Step 2 :- For Bass - Connect all the components to the potentiometer-1 like as video.

✦Step 3 :- For Treble - Connect all components and wires to the potentiometer-2 like as video.

✦Step 4 :- Now connect bass and treble circuit components (add bass and treble circuit) as shown in the video.

✦Step 5 :- Connect AUX Cable to the Bass and Treble circuit and also connect the output wires of bass and treble to the Amplifier as Input.

✦Step 6 :- Give power supply to the Amplifier and connect AUX cable with your phone.Now play a music as desire.

✦Step 7 :- Now control (Adjust) the potentiometer of Bass and Treble.

✦Step 8 :- You will Observe, Output sounds of amplifier is changing. By using this circuit you can control the Bass and Treble of your Amplifier.

Video on Youtube: