Step descriptions:

✦Step 1:-Here are all the part we need:

✦Step 2:-Install all the parts on the PCB board.

✦Step 3:-Backside, cutting the rest pins.

✦Step 4:-Apply liquid flux before soldering.

✦Step 5:-Now soldering and wash with thinner after soldering.

✦Step 6:-The board is ready and attach the heatsink.

✦Step 7:-Mark the position for holes, make holes and apply compound on ICs.

✦Step 8:-Attach the knob for volume controlling.

✦Step 9:-Attach the speaker socket.

✦Step 10:-Connect the transformer, it is a 13-0-13 volt, around 1.5 ampere.

✦Step 11:-For connecting the phone, let’s connect the aux cable.

✦Step 12:-We have two 10ich subwoofer columns, and connect it.

✦Step 13:-Then connect the phone, and play.

Materials for the Project:


1 AUX Socket 3.5mm for AUDIO IN

4 Capacitor 220UF50V

2 Capacitor 22uF

2 Capacitor 4700UF50V

4 Capacitor 0.1uf = 104

2 Capacitor 0.22uf = 224

2 Capacitor 0.47uf = 474

1 Connector - Screw Terminal 3 Pin (5mm)

2 Connector 2 pin (3.96mm)

4 Diode 6A4 Or 1N5408

2 IC TDA2050


1 Potentiometer- Dual 47K

2 Resistor 1/2 Watt 2.2 OHM

4 Resistors 1/4 Watt 22K

1 Resistors 1/4 Watt 3K3

2 Resistors 1/4 Watt 680 OHM

Video on Youtube: