MBED Side:


Each Nucleo Board has a programmer STLINK V2 on board.

Remove the jumpers on CN2 and connect the SWD on CN4 to the SWD of the Storm32.

I connected the Strom32 to the PC via USB therefore only GND from SWD is needed


1: NC


3: GND


5: NC

6: NC


Close the Jumper JP4 (maybe you have to resolder it) to enable UART

Connect TX from Storm32 to RX of the programmer

Code and Pin: "Serial pc(PC_10, PC_11); "

Programmer STLINK V2 on Windows:

Install Drivers: en.stsw-link009 on Win64 bit use dpinst_amd64.exe to install

Flash Device: en.stsw-link007 --> AllPlatforms --> STLinkUpgrade.jar

Now you should be able to upload projects from MBED Online platform

Create Software and download it to the MCU:

- Now create a project in the MBED Compiler online tool.

- Bush the "RESET" and "BOOTO" button simultaneously on the StorM32

- Store it on the mounted MBED Nucleo drive

--> if you succeed a window will appear with one file in it "Details.txt"

! before storing the file bush the "RESET" and "BOOTO" button simultaneously on the StorM32, otherwise you will get a "FAIL.TXT" in the Nucleo folder.