• Component Selection

    Maakbaas09/19/2020 at 14:38 0 comments

    Even though it is many months ago that I wrote the first log in this project, I am a lot closer to my first design than I was then. As presented in the previous post, there are three main methods to control a brushless motor, each one having slightly different needs for the hardware design. Here I will present which components are needed for a BLDC controller, to be able to use all three methods. Read on for part selection and the reasoning behind my choices.

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  • BLDC Introduction

    Maakbaas12/25/2019 at 13:52 0 comments

    Brushless motors are becoming more and more popular in many different devices and hobby projects, from drones all the way to electric skateboards and bikes. Compared to DC motors they have a much better performance, but this comes at the cost of more complex motor controls. In this project I will design my own circuit board and software for a BLDC controller.

    Full log (Maakbaas.com)