Gameduino 2: Server

40 Gameduino Boards, Large Screen Monitor, 3TB External Hard Drive, Wireless Gaming Keyboard

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One major University did a project by creating a huge Raspberry Pi server, even though, on a smaller scale gotta figure on how this assembly is going to work? I'll devise individual compartments for each board, the monitor will have to have picture-in-picture so I can keep tabs on multiple functions at the same time. Well, kind of been working around the idea of adding in a "robotic assistant" it would be a stand alone helping with simple tasks and if there is any glitches along way.

I'm going to turn part of my small congested room into a stacked server module which most of the control and functions will come from. 

  • 40 × Gameduino 2 Computer Gaming Boards

  • Huge Update(s): Titan

    Darksider704/09/2015 at 02:25 0 comments

    UPDATE: 5

    Well, financially, I can do this additional upgrade from the original 20 board server to a full 40 board massive server named: Titan. But I'm in preparation to make this goal happen as soon as possible, eventually, for the presnt moment the server will stay in its original form, though, another encasement will be needed in the very near future for the massive expansion.

    The small bugs in the system will have to be worked out so the transistion is smooth, uninterrupted, and corrected property. This is one of those D.I.Y. ventures that will be a "hit" after all and the processing power will certainly double once completed.

  • Opening Configuration

    Darksider707/01/2014 at 00:57 0 comments

    I'll work it out on paper to obtain perspective on how this will look, then, wiring and programming this rather large "Pi Hack" should pose a unique challenge for this long-time gamer (since 1980...) to be exact.

    UPDATE: 1

    It's been a while since I've last updated this log, now, working on the server end of the project. The specs look great, but it's been a trial and error getting this server to have the constant signal that I need, keeps tampering off, after a period of time (for an example: one hour...) then it's fading. I need a source with a more dedicated signal or it could be in the construction, time to find that glitch.

    UPDATE: 2

    The server is going through some renovations, instead of shelving the system will be transferred into a server encasement. The boards will be stacked in two rows of ten, it's width and depth is expansive and has room for wiring and other various connections. The nodes will be secured down so the encasement can be moved without interrupting or breaking the internals. I'm going to customize a wireless controller to work with the server.

    UPDATE: 3

    I have discovered a wireless controller (sophiscated with primary functions...) and those extras that do come in handy. As far as hacks are concerned it's gonna need two monitors (1. for preview) and (2. for LIVE action) while gaming online or broadcasting gameplay. In the works, thinking, motion control using hand gestures and began construction on such a controller (of course the Nintendo WII has such a device as a standard right out of the box...). To be original add on a way to turn on the machine just by moving one finger toward the server.

    UPDATE: 4

    The device will have the capability to network with "Rasp-Pi," "Microsoft," and "MAC" servers on a number of various platforms. Though, not inexpensive, working around settling on.a ORACLE system, networked to my MAC PRO, and my Gameduino setup. I want to conduct an experiment on "connectivity" and just the number of servers it will accept

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  • 1
    Step 1

    No instruction Manual this is gonna be a custom job, first thing buy or build shelving for the boards.

  • 2
    Step 2

    Build or use a robot to multi-task minor adjustments or problems with the server.

  • 3
    Step 3

    Use the monitor as a central command outlet and the wireless gaming keyboard as the controller. 

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