Badge Story:

As a none-electronic fresh at Makerfabs, I am curious about how to make a PCBA board, so, a simple badge board could be a good lesson for me.

1. Outlok design:

I use PhotoShop to make my badge outlook design. To be honest, my skill of PhotoShop is bad, and finally I made it, this is my outlook design:

2. Using the Eagle to draw the .brd file:

Also seems simple, it takes me 2 days... I am not a good student…

3. And the simulation diagram of the badge board, looks great:)

4. PCBs Production:

Working at Makerfabs, it is easy and quick for me to produce the sample PCBs:

5. Hand Soldering:

Soldering the LED, switch and battery holder.

6. Finished! It finally lights up!!:

In the end:

I have made a small batch of this PCBA badge board of "LED Lamp for brilliant ideas". Contact me by PM, I am willing to send it to you :)