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And some experiments with Resolume.

What is it made of?

    When I started the project the main goal was to create a very cheap LED controller witch I can use for small shows and home parties.

    I checked out different gears and choose a such stack: NRF24 + ATTiny + OrangePI Zero.

The cases were made by aluminium square pipe 2m long cut into 10cm pieces. Chair caps were also used for endings covers.

The whole project costed me about ~150$

The first version was made of  chinese JDY modules + ATTiny + ESP8266. I want to note to Robert Oostenveld's Artnet-to-DMX  project (check it, it's awesome!)  It's very cheap and easy to build just Artnet gate to your IoT projects. Unfortunately it seems too slow to do more.

At this moment I changed the gear and use OrangePi Zero as a gate. I wrote a python plugin for Open Lighting Architecture. That solution works much better, but has a long booting time.

    The interface is built using gorgeous TouchOSC. This app draws UI elements, and communicates to a python server at micro-board computer via UDP. Python server listen to OLA for Artnet, drives interface via UDP, and sends data to LEDs. It also supports some generative art such as strobo-blinking and LFO-wave. Reactive effects are available too - it can flashing with some adjusting parameters. Moreover, OSC protocol is widely popular in music/VJ software. That's why the server's generative can also be synced to music by Ableton or Reaper and etc. without any additional programming.

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