Upcycled GamePort Joystick. Arduino Nano based Bluetooth communication sending G-Code to a 3d-printer.

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This old GamePort Joystick came back to life including a big light show.

With it you can manipulate the position of a focused laserbeam including the operation status of the laser itself. While sending several G-Codes for movement (xyz), fan-spin (on/off), and activation of the relative movement mode of the 3d-printer (for reasons) its a nice toy to use a strong (500mW) and focused laser safely. "Why would you need the z-axis ?" one might ask. it's a "nice to have" when placing objects different heights

I'm plaing to include a sd-card slot so a gcode.txt could be read and transmitted to the printer line by line. Until then there is a several g-code hardcoded onto the nano, witch can be send by switching the turbo-button on and off again.

The old 3d-printer is a project itself. I might post it soon.

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