CPAP Helmet non-invasive ventilation

1. Successful in europe (unheard of in US/canada) 2. Reduces ICU and MD burden 3. Fairly easy and cheap to manufacture

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Along with two doctors in Seattle, a product design company in Portland, and a university medical device lab, I’m ready to start working TODAY on an open source, mass producible CPAP helmet design. But we need YOU!

1) CPAP helmets are proven in europe to keep moderate covid cases out of the ICU, freeing up ventilators for severe cases. Since it’s non-invasive, CPAP helmet therapy can be monitored by nurses. And the oxygen supply (I believe) is a normal bedside or ambulance oxygen supply at 20 cm H20.

2) There is already proven demand for CPAP helmets in the US: Sea Long in Texas makes a device that can be modified for CPAP therapy and they are swamped with orders.

3) We’re not reinventing the wheel, with all the associated risks, JUST making LOTS of a proven device. The helmet is purely mechanical and is relatively

4) I live in northern Italy and already have an inside connection to one CPAP helmet manufacturer.

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hallinen wrote 04/02/2020 at 18:46 point

Great idea.  I was looking to see if there were any publically available schematics, but have not found any.   Having a port for a straw or tube feeding access will be important.  If the flow rate into the helmet is 45-60 Liters/minute, Co2 buildup won't be an issue.  It will need a HEPA filter at the exhaust, BOSCH makes a car cabin one that is about $17 U.S.  One used for a vacuum cleaner would be okay too since it is on the exhaust end.  From the articles I've read, they are a better option for many clinical situations than a standard CPAP mask.  Avoiding intubation/vent is such a great idea, too much barotrauma on the vent.  

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jmayer wrote 04/02/2020 at 03:34 point

very much want to gather the knowledge and materials to build a batch of these. I have some experience with heat sealing PTFE .05 mm thick into 2.5 m x  1m x 1m bags that had to be airtight.

You mentioned in  item 4 you have a contact at a company building them in Italy. 

Can you get us any help with the following:

*Materials used for the different parts?

**Information about equipment 

***Information about techniques 

Seems like a great idea to build these to free up some ventilators for the sicker patients. 

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deauzie wrote 04/01/2020 at 22:35 point

add covid-19 and coronavirus to title so users can find it

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deauzie wrote 04/01/2020 at 22:33 point

these Noninvasive Ventilation Helmets are out of stock everywhere how can you promote this idea

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