INTRAMED is an intracanal hearing device that helps neurodivergent patients improve their quality of life.

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The hearing aid has the function of filtering sounds so that it can compress or amplify them according to the space in which they are.
In addition, to have a noise cancellation measuring device, in order to prevent overestimulation in neurodivergent patients, specifically with ADHD.

  • Audio modulation according to the space in which the user is. From a chat inside the library to enjoying a concert or festival of your choice.
  • Comfortable materials and intuitive design that fits the patient’s natural ear and skull shape to easily receive audio vibrations and detect the corresponding function.
  • The device will be the "perfect match" for people suffering from ADHD or a low spectrum of autism thanks to noise cancellation feature that will help reduce stress levels and increase the concentration of the user.


Code for the system

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  • 1 × KY-038 Capacitors / Aluminum Electrolytic
  • 1 × Arduino
  • 1 × Jack de micrófono
  • 1 × Speaker amp
  • 1 × Bocinas de audicular

  • Project Brief

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  • Users

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    The users that we will focus on will be people with neurodivergent diseases, specifically ADHD and autism with low spectrum, mainly so that users can tolerate the use of the device in their ears.

    It is estimated that only in Mexico, around 1.6 million boys and girls live with ADHD, but most are not diagnosed and the WHO reports that 5% of the world population suffers from ADHD. A study on the prevalence of autism has been carried out in Mexico (2016). The figure indicates that 1 in 115 children would be in this condition, and It is estimated that, worldwide, one in 100 children has autism. This estimate represents an average figure, as the observed prevalence varies considerably between different studies.

    Other users
    Despite focusing on specific users, we are open to the fact that this product can be used by anyone else who suffers from hearing impairment. The objective of focusing on these users is to create a product that is as efficient and above all as comfortable.

    Stress factors

    People with ADHD can be very susceptible to everyday problems or situations that require a little more concentration or mental capacity.

    Among the stress factors we can find:
    • School demands or homework
    • Unpredictable situations
    • Relationship problems
    • Another factor to take into account is that if the blood relatives also have this disorder, it is very likely that the individual suffers from the same disorder

    Sensory and social exhaustion

    How it manifests itself:

    • Gastrointestinal problems
    • Self-harm
    • Escapism


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  • Technological Components

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    The technological components that are needed to accomplish the features established in the objectives of the product are listed in the picture.

    These components will allow the user of the intracanal device automatically regulate the decibels of the sound and also activate the noise cancelling if needed.

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